Mulling Insures Your Warehouse

Insurance for Distribution, Wholesale and Manufacturing

Protecting your warehouse is a big part of protecting your business. Mulling works directly with underwriters to develop and customize insurance programs for our Warehouse and Distribution clients.

Hunter Smith, our distributors, warehouse and manufacturing insurance expert, will build a customized insurance program appropriate to protect your business.

We engage in comprehensive research with intermediary brokers to access and leverage the resources of top-rated carriers world wide. Among the types of specialized programs for distributors, warehouse, & manufacturers are:

  • Customized packages
  • Multi-national
  • Self-Insured
Hunter Smith Mulling Insurance

For more information, a complimentary review of your current policy, or to request a quote, please contact: Hunter Smith

Industries We Serve:

We offer insurance services across a wide array of industries:

  • Food/Beverage
  • Home Furnishings
  • Office Equipment
  • Industrial Suppliers
  • Plumbing/HVAC Equipment
  • Apparel/Textiles
  • Appliance
  • Auto Parts
  • Hardware
  • Home Improvement Suppliers
  • Restaurant/Hospitality Suppliers
  • Electronics Wholesalers
  • Construction Equipment
  • Agricultural Supplies & Equipment

Mulling offers our warehouse and distribution clients many value-added advisory services, including crisis/emergency management planning, controlling workers’ compensation cost, workplace safety resources and more.


“Eight Reasons to Select Mulling Insurance for Warehouse, Manufacturing or Distribution Businesses.”

Have a Question?

For non obligation consultation or insurance review of your warehouse, distribution or manufacturing facility, contact:

Hunter Smith

Distribution & Warehousing Insurance Specialist

Our Neighbor | Our Client

“Mulling is exceptional. Among the hundreds of vendors I worked with in my 40 years running HESCO, I would rate Mulling in the top three.

No business is smart enough to fully understand its own risk. Mulling took the time to clearly understand my business and all of its risk potential.

To a person, I’ve never found another insurance agent, including big Tampa and Orlando firms, with greater business acumen, a better delivery system, or more committed people, than Mulling.”

Gap Kovach
CEO (Retired), HESCO

Key Coverage Areas for Distribution and Warehouse Businesses

  • Equipment Breakdown
  • Product Liability
  • Product Recall Expense
  • Goods in Transit
  • Food Spoilage
  • Business Interruption
  • Supply Chain Extra Expense
  • Content and Inventory
  • Cyber Liability/Computers/Data/Media
  • Liquor Liability
  • Premises/Operations Liability
  • Discontinued Products Liability
  • Fleet Auto Liability/Damage
  • Hired/Rented/Leased Vehicle Liability
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Directors’ & Officers’ Liability
  • Employer Practices Liability