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Insurance for Florida Residents, Families and Homeowners

Mulling Insurance handles all types of personal insurance and excels at customizing thoughtful and affordable insurance plans for individuals and families. Our professional advisors conduct a thorough review of your insurance needs and help you choose the proper coverage that makes sense for you and your family.  Throughout the process, you will feel heard and understood.

Our goal is always to provide you exactly the coverage you need – nothing more, nothing less.

At Mulling, we know that providing a wide selection of quality insurance products is only the beginning. We go the extra mile to provide the information, expertise and responsive service to make the best choices for yourself and your family. Whatever your personal insurance needs, our qualified staff is available to provide you with reliable, complete protection you can count on.

If you’re living the good life, be sure it’s insured…with Mulling!

Protect everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Homeowner’s Insurance

If you’re like most Florida residents, your home is probably your largest financial investment. But not all homeowner’s insurance policies are the same. In addition to insuring the physical structure and your possessions, you may have many questions about what’s covered and what’s not. For instance…

  • If a tree falls on your house are you covered?
  • If an elderly neighbor slips on your front walkway and breaks their hip, are you covered?
  • And here in Florida, what coverage is available to you against hurricane damage?
  • What does replacement value really mean, and how do you estimate it?

Your home is your safe place, and at Mulling we want to keep it that way. Mulling homeowner’s insurance policies are customized to protect you from perils that could damage or destroy your home.

Homeowner’s Coverages:

  • Fire or Lightning
  • Explosion
  • Aircraft
  • Vehicles
  • Smoke
  • Theft
  • Vandalism

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Apartment | Condo Insurance

If you’re a condo owner, the monthly assessment you pay probably covers the cost of caring for the outside of the condo structure itself, including insurance. But in Florida most likely your association fee only insures the exterior part of the structure. All of the interior including appliances, walls, floors, cabinets, furniture, electronics, clothing and all your personal items are most likely your responsibility in case of damage.

In addition, you may be held liable if anyone gets injured while in your condo unit, or if something you do results in damage to the common areas.

With a Mulling condo or apartment insurance policy, you’ll be able to protect the assets you’ve worked so hard to accumulate, lower your risk, and gain important peace of mind.

Auto Insurance

Finding the right auto insurance can be a complicated and confusing task. Here at Mulling we try to make it as simple as possible. We’ll ask the right questions, explain the nuances of optional coverages and recommended coverage amounts appropriate for your particular level of risk.

Finally, in the event of an accident, your expert Mulling agent will always be just a phone call away. Remember, at Mulling we don’t want to just be your agent. We want to be your advisor, protector, and trusted partner.

Auto Coverages:

  • Property-damage liability
  • Personal-injury protection
  • Uninsured Motorist Coverage
  • Comprehensive Coverage
  • Collision Coverage

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Life Insurance

Our Mulling family is important to us, and we know your family is important to you. Let us show you how easy and affordable it can be to provide for your family in the event something unexpected were to happen. Life insurance proceeds can be used for a multitude of needs including: tax planning, funeral expenses, lost income, debt repayment, child’s college expenses, creation of an estate, and more.

Coverages Include:

  • Term Life
  • Whole Life
  • Universal Life

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